EmojiFlower VR 😀🌺

Have you ever wanted to live in a musical wonderland of flowers and Emoji? Now you can. EmojiFlower is an art-game that combines 90s music video interiors and Interactive Emoji set in Virtual Reality with music. 😀🌺 is experienced with Google Cardboard

EmojiFlower VR😀🌺  was featured at emojicon 2016!


The piece was started as a Virtual Reality research project with Gray Area Foundation for Art and Technology. I've been working on learning Unity for creating VR 3D worlds. The environment was based on a 90s interior spread in NEST magazine that I felt captures the zeitgeist of the 90s. I added in Emoji because they express for me the culmination of culture in the last decade. Emoji are something wonderful that we embraced in the 2000s. 😀🌺 is a rumination and celebration of the possibility, joy, and strangeness of twenty first century American culture. 

Tools: Unity VR, Photoshop, iPhone, and Google Cardboard,

You can read more about the development process below.  




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