Business Design and Branding

Frogville Farms

Frogville Farms is a brand that supplies high quality organic cannabis from a boutique family farm. They appeal to the environmentally conscious, wellness-driven consumer, the site tells a story of a farm developed through a deep personal commitment to wellness and maintaining the balance provided by mother nature.

Visually I used t the rustic zen aesthetic and specifically the Japanese notion of Wabi Sabi. Because Wabi Sabi is about balanced asymmetry found in nature, this will inform the layout of the site. I will use a fairly neutral color palette with pops of vibrant color.


Modern Meadow

Modern Meadow is a Brooklyn based biotech startup that creates new forms of animal products without requiring any slaughter of livestock  let alone the water, land, chemical and energy consumption required to sustain them. I customized, coded and co-designed their responsive website. More on


Dan Griffiths

Dan Griffiths  is an award winning theatre maker, director, teacher, and the founder of The Clown Workshop, ClownZero, and KAPOOT Clown Theatre. His website features dynamic background video on the homepage with a parallax scrolling landing page. His vibrant and humorous ascetic dictated the bold color palette. More on


Sarah Vickers Webb

This is a business card and branding for a writer and content consultant. I used a rose gold and charcoal color theme alongside delecate geometrics to create a sophisticated yet feminine feel.


Combomark design for Picnic Pies, an Oakland, CA based hand-held pie pop-up business.

Created in Adobe Illustrator.

Completed April 2013