Mastery Object and Concept Map

Theater Workshop/Ritual/Warm-Up 1. Gather in a circle 2. say your name and favorite fruit 3. Take hands and pass the pulse 4. Turn to your right and massage that person, turn around and do it to the other person 5. face the circle’s center 6. Play energy ball or sound ball. - start with the ball in the center and ask people to imagine that it is a blue glowing light. - Demonstrate how it gets larger and louder and smaller and more quiet. Then do pitch - high is high and low is low. - have the group join in and make the ball expand and contract and get higher or lower - pass the ball to someone else - take the ball back and make it small and release it up 7. Ask everyone for one word of intention they would like to offer the class for the semester. everyone say those intentions. 8. Thank everyone for participating.


Concept Map

Major Studio2 Map