How to not make ugly circles in Open Frameworks

I was teaching a creative coding class at Parsons and my students were tasked with making some circles bounce on the screen. But once we got the demo sketch running, we realized that Open Frameworks makes ugly circles by default. They look like this guy ---->

After some searching around on the internet for help I realized that ofEnableSmoothing() would not fix the problem as it only works on lines and the other solution I found broke my code. After some searching on the documentation I learned the way to turn ugly circles into awesome circles. Its called ofSetCircleResolution!

Just place it in the code where you want to draw a circle and voila! A nice smooth circle. The circle below is drawn with a circle resolution of 100. The default resolution for a circle is 22, which looks rather bumpy. Check out the code below.

void ofApp::draw(){
    ofCircle(150,150,100);          //draws a rough circle
    ofCircle(450,150,100);          //draws a fine circle

If you want to get really meta you can change the resolution to 3 and get some sweet triangles.