World Translation Foundation: User Scenario

User Background

The primary audience for my project is a tech savvy American man or woman between the ages of 18 and 44  with an interest in Japanese emoji,  art, and language. They are the early adopter sort of person who uses Twitter and Texting quite frequently and enjoys adding content to websites like YouTube, Vine, and Reddit. This audience will be the one who adds definitions  to emoji in the emoji dictionary and engages with creating content on the website. They will also engage in social sharing of the content on Facebook and Twitter to engage other to participate in this crowd sourced Emoji Dictionary. I imagine this audience as the first group to engage with the content and responsible for helping spread the word about the project. As you can see in the table below, 64% of the audience for Twitter is between the ages of 18-44. That audience is a similar demographic to my own.

The Demographics of Twitter Users [Study] | Mindjumpers.

The Demographics of Twitter Users [Study] | Mindjumpers.

My secondary audience for the project is a less tech savvy, middle class American man or woman who is in the 30-65 year old range. This audience member will use the dictionary as a means to uncover the meaning of emoji texts and tweets that they have received from more emoji-versed loved ones. This audience member is unlikely to add to the dictionary content, but more likely to search the content for definitions to emoji. They are an audience for a later prototype or iteration of the World Translation Foundation Emoji Dictionary.



Mara is a 21 year old art student living in Manhattan, who loves texting and tweeting. She uses emoji frequently and believes it helps her express things that she could not say in words. As a person active in the creative community of New York, she heard about the World Translation Foundation from a friend on Twitter and decided to check it out. She got to the homepage and clicked on her favorite emoji. She that the definition for that emoji was not complete. She then decided to add in the definition of :dancers:  Once she had done that, she shared her contribution on Facebook.


Jack is a 35 year old writer living in Brooklyn. He is not very tech savy and rarely posts any content online other than the occasional facebook status.  He saw a post about the WTF Emoji Dictionary from Mara on facebook. He clicked on it because it looked fun and he some time to kill. He searched out a few emojis and had fun playing around with the combinations of emoji to make up new sentences. He would not add to the dictionary, but simply explore the content.


"The Demographics of Twitter Users [Study] | Mindjumpers." Mindjumpers RSS. Accessed March 19, 2014.